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FOX : Pierre Perchaud – Nicolas Moreaux – Jorge Rossy

By 17 March 2016June 9th, 2016No Comments

Fox Track list

Everything starts in the most infinite sweetness, with a delicate and sensitive melody, like a morning awakening, as a moment of grace, like the acrobat suspended in the air on the cover of this disc. FOX is a full trio, born from the meeting of two French musicians, the guitarist Pierre Perchaud and the bassist Nicolas Moreaux with the Catalan drummer Jorge Rossy.  Saying that all three revisit the art of the trio through the guitar is tempting. Rossy was the first official Brad Mehldau’s drummer, who under the title “The Art of the Trio” engraved a series of determinants albums for the revival of the format. Tempting, but not totally unfair: in this triangular context which is often to the advantage of the harmonic instrument, FOX manages to play the equilateral card. Although the guitar comes naturally to the ear, we are constantly called to consider what is happening in parallel on the sides of the bass and drums, as their contribution to the balance of music, color, its movement is essential. It’s a bass line that structures a piece here, the drums hits there are central to the entire track.


The range of sounds he draws from his guitar, sometimes shaky, sometimes sharp, sometimes subdued, sometimes brilliant, Pierre Perchaud often takes the center stage, with a sense of melodic phrasing that sings constantly. FOX music embraces broad, drawing from rock, folk, blues, his inspirations, like the unique recovery of the album, a distanced rereading of « And I Love Her » from the  Beatles shaped retro-sixties dream. Unified by the sound of the trio, however, the album suffers no dispersion, leaving the scroll pieces like a cloud sky with bursts of light and cloudy moments. FOX has the miscievous character that fits with its name and the liveliness of the animal that is held as a banner.

Fox is a Jazz & People album it is:

Selection Couleurs Jazz

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