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Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto – Live at the Berlin Jazz Festival 1966

4 October 2021
Stan Getz's Bossa Nova period was initiated with the album "Jazz Samba" (1962) recorded with…
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Samara Joy – Debut Album

22 September 2021
Samara Joy’s self-titled debut album opens her recording career and confirms the acclaim she received…
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Dmitry Baevsky – Soundtrack

9 July 2021
With Soundtrack, the ninth album released under his name, saxophonist Dmitry Baevsky looks back on…
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Sons of Kemet – “Black to the Future”

7 June 2021
Figurehead of the new London jazz scene for several years, Shabaka Hutchings, whose first name…
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Innanen Pasborg Piromalli – This is it

26 May 2021
French & Scandinavian readers, find yourself with the trio France (Cédric Piromalli), Finland (Mikko Innanen)…
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Theorem of Joy – L’Hiver – Studio de l’Ermitage, 06/17/2021

25 May 2021
Theorem Of Joy under the guidance of the excellent double bass player, multi-instrumentalist Thomas Julienne,…
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Esaie Cid – Kay Swift Songbook Vol.2

19 May 2021
In 2019, the alto saxophonist Esaïe Cid devoted a first album to Kay Swift, American…
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Snorre Kirk – Going Up

12 May 2021
Nordic Swing. Whereas many of the younger generation of jazz artists strive for novelty at…
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4 May 2021
A bit like Concerto for bugle and jazz combo, the band of pianist Florian Pellissier…
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Musique Acoustique Machine – Times Box

11 March 2021
Some artists have a unique and easily recognizable sound but that doesn’t necessarily make them…
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Reis, Demuth, Wiltgen – Sly

6 March 2021
If Groove could be Sly... Sly is what the Luxembourgish trio Reis-Demuth-Wiltgen has chosen to…
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Yohan Giaume – Whisper of a Shadow

7 February 2021
"Whisper of a shadow" is a tribute by Yohan Giaume to virtuoso pianist and composer…
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Oddjob – Kong

26 January 2021
Attentive readers, scrutinizing readers, it has not escaped your notice that the Swedish collective Oddjob,…
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2020 Awards – Top 12 – Hits Couleurs Jazz

7 January 2021
In this peculiar year, which will undoubtedly keep the ugly name “Covid year”, jazz creation…
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18 December 2020
Unclassifiable. This is the adjective that suits this record by classical cellist Anja Lechner, here…