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Zachary Finnegan – Guidance and Gratitude

15 July 2024
After many years as a sideman - most recently with Canadian star Michael Bublé -…
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Fergus McCreadie – Stream

12 July 2024
Among the new piano trios to emerge in the early 2020s, that of Scotland's Fergus…
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Alvin Queen – Feeling Good

9 July 2024
Here's a trio masterfully led by a leader who assumes his role perfectly and expresses…
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Antonio Farao – Tributes

6 July 2024
Of all the active Italian pianists (and there are many : from Danilo Rea to…
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Flukten – Flukten

4 July 2024
Norwegian saxophonist Hanna Paulsberg has been one of the revelations of the Nordic saxophone scene…
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Hugo Diaz – Confluences

2 July 2024
Not many saxophonists devote themselves exclusively to the soprano. So, the arrival of a "new…
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Jasper Høiby – 3 Elements – Like Water

29 June 2024
Jasper Høiby, a Danish bassist who has been based in London for over twenty years,…
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Iiro Rantala HEL Trio – Tough Stuff

22 June 2024
A tireless explorer of the many facets of jazz, Iiro Rantala has taken his piano…
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Dimitri Naiditch : Chopin Sensations

16 June 2024
Dimitri Naïditch - who has made a specialty of reinterpreting classical compositions in jazz (from…
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Helveticus – Our Way

10 June 2024
It begins with a majestic ballad opened by double bass and cymbals, followed by a…
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Dal Sasso Big Band – Chick Corea’s “Three Quartets” Revisited

9 June 2024
To my knowledge, Chick Corea has never recorded with a big band under his own…
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Stefano Di Battista – La Dolce Vita

6 June 2024
Following on from — among others —"Round about Roma" and "Morricone Stories", Stefano Di Battista…
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Alex Sipiagin – Horizons

2 June 2024
Alex Sipiagin is not the first Russian musician to emigrate to the USA. His predecessors…
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Ray Charles – The Grand Master

29 May 2024
Ray Charles embodied Afro-American music in all its diversity, then went beyond it to become…
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Eran Har Even – Shorter Days

26 May 2024
As soon as you hear the first notes of this CD, you think: “Ah, here's…