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CANDID, le label de la belle Abbey

5 July 2022
Abbey Lincoln's talent shines through in the reissues of the legendary CANDID label (already reappeared…
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Marc Berthoumieux – Les Choses de la Vie – Studio de l’Ermitage 23/06/22

14 June 2022
A concert not to be missed as it is the release concert of Marc Berthoumieux's…
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Flash Pig – Le Plus Longtemps Possible

13 June 2022
This last album of the Flash Pig quartet, created in 2008 by Adrien and Maxime…
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Duke Ellington – Live at The Berlin Jazz Festival 1969-1973

11 June 2022
Remastered edition of two concerts of the boss at the Jazzstage. A 5-minute improvisation opens…
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31 May 2022
Week of May 30, 2022 ... The Best Of! On COULEURS JAZZ RADIO, Monday at 4PM,…
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Alma Naidu – Alma

24 May 2022
The Munich-based musician, composer and singer Alma Naidu offers us her first album, in which…
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Yannick Rieu – MachiNations

20 May 2022
Yannick Rieu's album "MachiNations" , once put in the CD player of the living room,…
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Dave Bristow Quintet – Unknown Unknown

13 May 2022
Joining us here today is English pianist Dave Bristow, who has just released his first…
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Akoda – Nout’ Souk

13 April 2022
"Hello, I'm Valerie Chane Tef, pianist and composer of the Akoda trio. On this second opus…
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The Best Of “La Couleurs Jazz Week” #127

11 April 2022
The week of April 11, 2022 ...The Best Of! On COULEURS JAZZ RADIO -,…
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Frédéric Viale – Toots Simplement

4 April 2022
Jazz accordionist Frederic Viale returns with a tribute album to the Jazz harmonica legend, Belgian…
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Rémi Toulon – The Crave

31 March 2022
With "The Crave", his new album, pianist, arranger and composer Rémi Toulon takes us to…
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Emile Parisien – Louise

6 February 2022
Emile Parisien masters musically and with talent the art of "at the same time"! His…
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Helen Merrill – The Complete 1952-1960 – Anything Goes

6 February 2022
Helen Merrill has always led her career without ever being embarrassed by commercial contingencies by…
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Pete Malinverni – On The Town

27 January 2022
Essential and classy, Pete Malinverni, great, valued pianist of New York jazz, revisits here some…