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Hit Couleurs JAZZ

Wolfgang Schalk is one of jazz’s superior string manipulators globally.Wolfgang and his ensemble have with this special CD just sent a love letter to humanity allowing “dear Earthto be the anthem for all spectrums of global jazz. A spin filled with all the emotion and feelings that embraces the hearts of many.  

Starting with a sensual ballad Twelve-Tone Blues he allows the listener for a moment to escape from their world into his mind on how he develops his craft. Wolfgang has so many times pushed boundaries that few have tangled with it. Such is the case in this first offering.  

One of my favorites is “For Chet” a Chet Baker tribute. One can imagine Baker’s style intertwined in an extremely harmonious way bringing back memories of the famed horn man.  

The title piece “dear Earth” is an exquisite flow of string magic. It almost feels like a young child is treading through life by the most innocent of footsteps. Each note carries the listener through Wolfgangs mind and soul. 

I must mention I have seen these troubadours live and the crowd was just captured by the beauty of their craft together as if they became a fine-tuned instrument of sound that had an innovative sound to each their own.  

For the listener you can feel each fret flowing through Wolfgang’s veins, note by note with the sound of his extremely talented band mates.Hot and Cool” is one spin that highlights just what I state. You can hear each part marry the others in a fine-tuned exposition. 

Albeit Wolfgang’s ninth installment of his talent one must admit he is like a fine claret as the music gets better with maturity and ripens the fruit of his craft. His choice also of band mates seems to grow with every innovative thought that flows through his power of inspiration. 

I highly recommend this spin and to keep track of his next endeavor for I would predict at some point the powers of the jazz universe will capture his sound and give it the praise it truly deserves.

Line Up:

Wolfgang Schalk –Guitars

Andy Langham –Piano 

Carlitos DelPuerto – Bass

Oscar Seaton JR. – Drums 

Dear Earth was released by Frame Up Music on May 17, 2024.

dear Earth is a Hit Couleurs Jazz. It is on air on Couleurs Jazz Radio.

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