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Jean-Pierre Zanella – New CD Quattro Venti

By 21 December 2016No Comments
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Each month, the Quebecers Jazz site and Couleurs Jazz  collaborate by offering articles, texts and respective contents! Here is Sorties Jazz Nights First choice for 2016. 

2016 #1 CDJazz (Nov. 10th 2016 feature)

A dedicated St-Laurent Cegep teacher, playing jazz and other genres for the last thirty years, saxophonist Jean-Pierre Zanella is a key player on the Quebec jazz scene.

video of The Ride filmed at L’OFF Jazz by /

Always willing and able to help younger musicians, he also manages to write music, that honor the profession. Back in October he launched Quattro Venti at the OFF Jazz Festival, a major album that he elaborated while in Italy. For this inspiring new release which is an ode to travels, far from his beloved Brazil, with poetic titles such as : San Marinella, Molambo, Orti Giancolesi and of course : Quattro Venti. So let’s be clear about this album, we’re not talking about neapolitan serenades but 100% jazz compositions. Surrounded by a solid group, including drummer Paul Brochu,  bassist Rémi-Jean LeBlanc, his daughter Sashana that sings in portuguese, 2nd drummer Kevin Warren and other distinguished guests, hop on, we’re going for a ride…

In Jean-Pierre Zanella‘s world, nothing is left to chance. On top of some solid harmonic concepts that betray his professionalism and a lot of knowledge, ranging from swing to hard-bop and some modern forms, Jean-Pierre delivers a beautiful message. A bit like Duke Ellington did with Tourist Point of View, inspired by a middle eastern tour, Quattro Venti is an insider’s visit to Italy, a savvy mix of balads and smart compositions. Without ever taking the easy route, Zanella, like a master silversmith, offers us a work of art worth discovering.




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