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Jazz à Sète 28th edition,  July 15-21 2023, Théâtre de la Mer

– Saturday July 15 

To open the 28th edition of Jazz à Sète, the duo Madeleine & Salomon presented songs from their album “Eastern Swing“. Carefully crafted during a residency in Sète, their repertoire – whose poetry was elegantly rendered by the beautiful voice of Clotilde Rullaud, superbly accompanied by Alexandre Saada – reflected the sincerity of their commitment, which won over the audience. Louis Martinez, the festival’s director, won the bet hands down, rewarding the risk taken with a program geared towards discovery.

Line Up:

Clotilde Rullaud: voice, flute

Alexandre Saada: piano

The stage was then taken by Pat Metheny in a trio with keyboardist Chris Fishman and drummer Joe Dyson. Pat Metheny is a true jazz stylist, mastering many aspects of the genre as demonstrated by his in-depth knowledge of the musical styles he has encountered over the course of a fifty-year career.

Perfection of form, elegance of discourse, lively improvisations with an unpredictable flow, danceable groove, it’s all there. A class act!

Line Up:

Pat Metheny “Side-Eye” :

Pat Metheny: guitar

Chris Fishman: keyboards

Joe Dyson: drums.

©Photos Patrick Grin

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