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– Sunday July 16

The following evening got off to a pleasant start with a sympathetic show by Kinga Glyk. This Polish bassist, a Lyonnaise by adoption and avowed disciple of Victor Bailey, is an accomplished instrumentalist, but her music, deliberately rooted in the spirit of the ’80s, lacks the zest of originality that wins the audience over.

Line Up:

Kinga Głyk: bass

Nicolas Viccaro: drums

Arek Grygo Michał Jakubczak : keyboards

Cory Wong : Cory and the Wongnotes

The tone is stepped up a notch with the more muscular music of guitarist Cory Wong, flanked by a trio (bass, drums, keyboards) and five blowers.  Highly committed, these musicians unleash an energetic groove propelled by blazing brass riffs, the leader’s energetic solos in perpetual dialogue with the orchestra, and the enthusiasm of all involved. The audience, carried away by this torrent, finished the concert on their feet.

Line Up :

Cory Wong: guitar

Petar Janjic: drums

Yohannes Tona: bass

Kevin Gastonguay: keyboard

Michael Nelson: trombone  

Jay Webb : trumpet

Kenni Holmen, Jake Botts, Alex Bone :saxophones

©Photos Patrick Grin

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