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After a beautiful septet recording devoted to Jobim’s music a couple of years ago, Virginie Daïdé adopts the quartet format on a repertoire mostly written by her.

Her influences are varied and the taste for melody dominates, whether on themes with a hard bop flavor, dancing pieces or ballads.

The musicians chosen by Virginie Daïdé are all involved in the creative process and pianist Nicolas Dri and bassist Thomas Posner each compose a theme of the repertoire. As for Tony Rabeson, his rhythmic and melodic qualities have long been known.

The saxophonist, whose soft tone and fluid phrasing blend harmoniously with the rhythm team that supports her, leads a close-knit and empathetic quartet.

Virginie Daïdé‘s and Nicolas Dri‘s solos are constantly inventive and we follow them with interest as they are never demonstrations of virtuosity but seem to flow from the source, in symbiosis with the melodies.

It is thus a disc which is listened to with great pleasure and which, while remaining classic in its form, fully expresses the personality of a musician whose career one likes to follow.

Line up :

Virginie Daïdé : tenor sax

Nicolas Dri : piano

Thomas Posner : double bass

Tony Rabeson : drums

The album Moods was released by the label Du Savon Dans Les Yeux, on March 31st, 2023. It is in the Couleurs Jazz Radio Selection.

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