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Hit Couleurs JAZZ

Velvet Revolution is an eminently European trio, featuring Germany’s Daniel Erdmann on tenor sax, France’s Théo Ceccaldi on violin and Britain’s Jim Hart on vibraphone.

This atypical group plays chamber jazz in which the timbres of the three instruments intertwine in a subtle interweaving to create a totally original sound identity. For this third recording, the trio, originally initiated in 2015 by the saxophonist, has evolved and the three partners have divided the composition work equally: three themes each. In the absence of bass and drums, the three musicians have taken the rhythmic duties in turns, while the melody — still very much present at times in a minimalist, repetitive form — is taken in turn by the saxophone, violin and vibraphone. No single instrument dominates the solos either: the trio’s work is truly collective.

Daniel Erdmann‘s dense, velvety tenor sound and his sometimes fluid, sometimes taut phrasing work wonders in this context, as does Théo Ceccaldi‘s colorful, lyrical playing. As for Jim Hart, who plays drums in other contexts, he confirms that he is also a vibraphonist of the first rank, with his lively playing and fruity sound.

The result is an adventurous yet totally organic musical experience from three musicians who know each other well, and who have succeeded, with unusual instrumentation, in developing highly original and refined music that unfolds with masterly flexibility.

Line up :

Daniel Erdmann: tenor sax

Théo Ceccaldi: violin

Jim Hart: vibraphone

Message in a Bubble is a “Hit Couleurs Jazz“, “Best of the Month” when it was released by BMC Records, on September 8, 2023.

©photo Istvan Huszti


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