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Médéric Collignon, the Proust Questionnaire…

Médéric Collignon was kind enough to open this series of the famous Proust portraits-questionnaires, slightly revisited by Couleurs Jazz …

An original way to go up the first steps of the universe of these formidable Jazz musicians, artists of our century.


What is for you the height of musical misery?

Believing that you are important because you are famous (connu), when in fact being recognized (reconnu) for what you are is much more beautiful; reducing music to such a level that it can no longer claim relevance to anything at all — freedom, injustice, segregation, corruption, wars …)

Where would you like to live?

On Zealandia, the new continent, because here is not gritty and clownlike enough  

Your ideal of terrestrial happiness?

Playing in front of the ocean among magical and luminous beings rising out of the waves thanks to my most beautiful sounds and …   then I wake up and get back to work!

Dreaming, now and always.

More seriously: that humans champion ideas more than they pamper their egos

For which false notes do you have the most indulgence?

Those that don’t give a damn about formal beauty, those that break sound waves to climb powerfully up the mountain of the senses …

Who are your favorite fictional heros?

Friday because he will emancipate himself … I have no heroes in particular. It’s the whole book that interests me.

Who is your favorite classical musician?

So we say classic, not contemporary: Lili Boulanger. She touches me deep inside my being

Your favorite heroine or divas in real life?

Rosa Parks, Rosa Luxemburg … always flowers …

Your heroines in fiction?

… and so Carole Bouquet, to continue flowers, and stress her courage in front of that sub-Bond Roger Moore … but it is true that I prefer Sean Connery! And she was right to turn her back on Hollywhatsit! After that she gave us good movies.

Your favorite painter? 

Kandinsky …  it glides under my eyes!

Your favorite jazz musician?

Me… but yes, there’s Armstrong, Davis, Morgan, Little, Cherry, Baker, Terry, Shaw, all in my heart and my ears! And hundreds of others …

Your favorite quality in man?

To demand nothing from others, to demand of oneself. And humor!

Your favorite quality in women?

Her mind, her freedom, her smile

Your favorite virtue?

Not to have one!

Your favorite occupation?

Photographing the Sun and transforming it

Who would you have liked to be?

The Marquis de Baroncelli, who took up the cause of American Indians

Your main character trait?

Resistance, and “let it happen”

What do you like most about your friends?

Their constancy and their appetite for life, their dream-evolution

Your main fault?

My critical spirit

Your dream of happiness?

That the world would be sexually free —men and women—so as to have fewer conflicts

Your greatest misfortune?

To see that the main media—TV and radio—are generally uncultured and incurious

No, more seriously, not having the power to bring my father back, just for one day

What do you want to be?

SuperCornetMan! And make the Earth turn in the right direction …

Your favorite color?

Red, because, as Victor Hugo writes, it excites the bulls.

The flower you love?

The sacred lotus, which possesses incredible nourishing and medicinal properties

The bird you prefer?

 The lyrebird, because it can imitate the chainsaw, the alarm, the click of a camera shutter…

Your favorite authors in prose?

Rimbaud, Baudelaire, Rilke, Mallarme, Aragon, Wilde…

Your favorite poets?

Hugo, Breton, Char, Luca, Nietzsche …

Your heroes in real life?

People who give, love, share and smile

Your heros in history? 

The people who have done all they could to repel and annihilate evil

Your favorite names? 

Cage (and its opening), Reich (the one that repeats itself), Dutilleux (in infusion) and Mahler (because everything contrary to listening)

What do you hate the most?

Musicians who use their names to make others work in the shadows (without acknowledgment), and who then collect the payments for rights (a kind of system that should be condemned) 

The reform you admire the most?

 All reforms for women

The gift of nature you would like to have?

The gift of ubiquity, to play all the instruments in an orchestra, in the manner of [the film “Being John Malkovitch”????]

How you would like to die?

Between my lives, and thus several times!

Your definition of jazz?

Play, dance, be alive, exchange, listen to yourself, transcend, be in motion and play again!

The present state of your mind?

Resistant to people who mix narcissism-money-policy-lies with art.

And happy to remain always the same constant and curious man in order to move quietly towards wisdom … or not! 

 And finally…. your motto?

If you get up in the morning, it’s for others.

If you go to bed in the evening, it’s for you.

If you try the opposite, you will be unhappy.


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