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Giovanni Mirabassi, the Proust Questionnaire…

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It is the pianist Giovanni Mirabassi who lends himself to this game, this introspection test. He gives us some keys of his personality by answering the famous Proust portrait-questionnaire, slightly revisited by Couleurs Jazz …

We think that beyond their virtuosity, their multiple talents, jazz musicians in particular have something to say.


-For you, what is the height of musical misery?

It’s to listen to musicians with talent pretending not to have any, so that they can fit into the boxes of a system that has always tried to eliminate talent from the chain of artistic production.


-Where would you like to live?

I live very well on my Butte Montmartre (in Paris). I already took, a long time ago, the approach of choosing a place to live that coincides with my need to dream. That being said, during the last presidential elections, when it was necessary to imagine a “Plan B”, I was ready, if necessary, to leave for the south of Japan, somewhere around Fukuoka.


-Your ideal of happiness on earth?

In this brutal world, a little bit of Mozart, nice weather, a future for our children.


-For which wrong notes do you have the most indulgence?

Socks that clash with your shirt. But then again…

©Photo Patrick Martineau pour Couleurs Jazz


-Who are the fictional heroes you prefer?

Ursus in The Man who Laughs by Victor Hugo, Cyrano de Bergerac, Harry Potter.


-Who is your favorite classical musician?

It’s hard to award a first prize… Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Schubert, Chopin, Liszt, Debussy, Rachmaninov, Scriabin…. The more of them I write down, the more I think of.  So I’d say: Joker.


-Your favorite heroines or divas in real life?

I’ve always preferred heroine to divas… But seriously, Mercedes Sosa, Ella Fitzgerald, Edith Piaf, Nathalie Dessay, Louise Michel, Simone Weil

-Your heroines in fiction?

Princesse Nausicaa, the Hayao Miyazaki, version.


-Your favorite painter?

Vincent Van Gogh


-Your favorite jazz musician?

Bill Evans


-Your favorite quality in a man?



In a woman?



-Your favorite virtue?



-Your favorite occupation?

I love to cook. It’s sharing a sensory experience based on love and excellence. It’s done with your hands, on a piano, just like music, but it’s not a career, which makes it all the more fun. It’s great to be an amateur sometimes.


-Who would you have liked to be?

Me, but improved.

-My main character trait?

Wit, I’m afraid.


-What do I like most about my friends?

I don’t have any friends. I would have said loyalty.


-My main fault?

Undoubtedly my wit.


-My dream of happiness?

The dream of happiness is for me a hazy concept. A dream about dreaming.


My greatest unhappiness?

The inexorable savagery of human nature.


-What I want to be?

I hesitate between a Jedi and a good pianist, leaning slightly towards the first option.


-My favorite color?

Couleurs Jazz? Jazz color? Otherwise the blue of the Okinawa Sea, the augmented fifth, the C minor.


-The flower I love?

Fleur de sel… Sea salt.


-The bird I prefer?

Edith Piaf. The albatross of Baudelaire. But Richepin’s birds of passage are also good. In song, however, it’s Clementi’s lyre bird.


-Mes auteurs favoris en prose ?

Hugo, Montherlant, Giono, Merle


-My favorite authors in prose?

Aragon, Dimey, Verlaine from here, Leopardi, Foscolo, Pasolini from there. But there too, it’s complicated, there are so many others from everywhere.

-My heroes in real life?

One of many, Victor Hugo. Huge writer, poet, statesman, an example of intellectual and artistic integrity, having known exile and glory, an artist, a real one, not one of those morons, as talented as they can be sometimes, who drag their lack of grandeur through the current media desert. I would have liked to live in a time when an intellectual’s principal job was to have opinions. Nonchalance exasperates me.

©Photo Patrick Martineau pour Couleurs Jazz

My favorite names?

The names of my children. Umberto Eco’s Name of the Rose. Liberty.


-What I hate the most?

Condescension and injustice.


-The reform I admire the most?

Universal suffrage.


-The natural gift I would like to have?

Health. That said, there are a lot of unnatural gifts I would like to have, like ubiquity.


-How I would like to die?

Without noticing it.


-My definition of Jazz

– Present state of mind?

At the moment I am completely swamped, an answer that’s good for any time of the year, applicable to the last 25 years. In this increasingly difficult and multi-disciplinary profession that is ours, we must always be two moves ahead, it keeps the mind churning.

…and finally

-My motto?

We believe!


Interviewed in Decembre 2017.

Giovanni Mirabassi official site 


« Mr. Mirabassi shakes the branch, where the fruits of the notes are hung, in the unruly foliage harmony »,

 Serge Lama

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