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Hit Couleurs JAZZ

This collection by the Akagera trio, whose title refers to a nature reserve in Rwanda, pays tribute to the album of the same name released by Owl in 1980 and produced by Daniel Humair, François Jeanneau and Henri Texier.

Here we find the same pleasure in playing together, and the same desire to explore, in a spirit of conviviality, other musical cultures brought to us by the itinerary of each member.

These include the Brazilian, African and Cuban rhythms of David Georgelet, and the contemporary and improvised music techniques of Stéphane Montigny and Benoît Lavollée, all underpinned by the jazz common denominator.

Over the course of three years of research, rehearsals and musical complicity, this atypical trio has explored unusual sound combinations and made the most of original compositions written collectively to create a warm, dynamic groove that generates moments of tension and relaxation.

And therein lies one of the great successes of this album. David Georgelet, Stéphane Montigny and Benoît Lavollée avoid repetition, pointless digressions and rehashed formulas likely to divert the listener’s attention, going straight to the point with a consummate science of rhythm and a rare sense of the right note. Everything is thought out and elaborated with the utmost naturalness.

This can be heard in Fauve improvised in the studio, in L’air, a beautiful poem by Arnaud Roi recited by its author against a background of notes improvised by the band, and in covers of John Coltrane (Lonnie’s Lament) and Charles Mingus (Goodbye Pork Pie Hat), for which the trio deliver highly personalized versions.

Available on CD and vinyl, the album is enhanced by a cover by Julian Legendre that perfectly matches the music.

An inspired album of the highest musical quality.

Line Up:

David Georgelet: drums

Benoît Lavollée: vibraphone, marimba

Stéphane Montigny: bass trombone, shells.

Release concerts at Sunset (Paris), Wednesday April 3, 2024

and at the Orléans Jazz Club, Saturday April 6, 2024.

Recorded in December 2023 by Pierre Dachery and Viktor Gourarier at Studio Prado (Paris). Mixed and mastered by Fabien Girard at the Mixroom (Angoulême).

Cover by Julian Legendre,

©Photography Charlotte Brunet.

Traverse, “Hit Couleurs Jazz” and “Best of the Month” was released by Prado Records on March 22, 2024.

©Photo Header Jacques Pauper for Couleurs Jazz

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