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Hit Couleurs JAZZ

Artist: Markus Stockhausen

Piece: Gomme

CD: Joyosa

This beautiful melody played on a swift 6/8 rhythm sounds deceptively simple in the hands of virtuoso trumpet player Markus Stockhausen, the son of German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen.

Of course Markus has played contemporary music with his father, and baroque, jazz and folk music with his own ensembles.

So everything flows most naturally from his horn as well as from the acoustic guitar of the Hungarian gypsy Ferenc Snétberger.

Besides, the French-Norwegian rhythm team that supports them is so melodic in its approach of rhythmic support, that one isn’t surprised to learn that they also deal with folk music.

This is a good example of an all-European band that found a convincing way to play a type of jazz that’s essentially based on its own local roots.

Please listen to it here:

… and/or all the week from March 20th to March 27th, 2023) at 06:00am & at 08:00pm (Paris time) on Couleurs Jazz Radio.


Markus Stockhausen: trumpet, composition

Ferenc Snétberger: acoustic guitar

Arild Andersen: bass

Patrice Héral: drums & percussion

Joyosa was released in 2003 by the label Enja Records

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