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With Monty Alexander, whether it’s raining, snowing or windy outside, you’re sure to have a ray of sunshine in your living room.

Is it due to the presence of a percussionist in addition to his trio?

No doubt, but it is especially this luminous touch and this bouncing phrasing of a musician who shows by this way his Jamaican origin, from where he seems to have brought a sun which bathes his music permanently.

A classical approach, some would say…

Certainly, but how many other pianists have this joy of playing that oozes from the notes measure after measure?

The unpublished tracks included on this double CD recorded live in a Florida restaurant (Bubba’s) are from 1982 and they sound with a resplendent actuality, which is the lot of all timeless music.

Nine standards and three of the pianist’s own compositions make up the repertoire, and thanks to him and his sidemen, we travel through a variety of landscapes from which boredom is absent, so obvious is the investment of the four men in the interplay.

I am not sure that Alexander played differently night after night, but with such generous musicians the music always breathes happiness because it is in the improvisation night after night that they fully realize themselves.

And it is difficult to remain insensitive to this generosity.

Musicians :

Monty Alexander: piano

Paul Berner: double bass

Duffy Jackson: drums

Robert Thomas Jr: percussion

Love You Madly – Live at Bubba’s Double CD, is proposed by Resonance Records (2020)

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