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Jim Doxas Trio – Blind Leap

By 5 October 2015June 12th, 2016No Comments,  the Jazz site from Quebec and Couleurs Jazz collaborate, offering you articles, texts and respective contents ! This month, we wanted to share the chronicle signed Christophe Rodriguez *, about the first album of the drummer : Jim Doxas.


At the helm of the Monday night jam sessions at Upstairs, great sideman for pianist Oliver Jones, drummer Jim Doxas is a gem. For his first CD Blind Leap, he’s surrounded by bassist Morgan Moore and hard-hitting pianist Paul Schrofel, in a musical ménage à trois.

Focusing unity for the benefit of his stylish drumming talent, we’re in the presence of a master of style that calls to mind the polyrhythmic Philly Joe Jones. Built on a model where personal compositions are like a trigger, apart from the beautiful remake of Wayne Shorter’sFall, this Blind Leap is a grid of precision, with in backdrop, the memory of pianist Jan Jarczyk.

Track list :

Melo 3
My Old Flame
Act One
O Sacred Head, Now Wounded
Berceuse pour Jan

(*) Christophe Rodriguez est également chroniqueur/blogueur jazz, classique et livres au Journal de Montréal

Jim Doxas

Jim Doxas


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