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Hit Couleurs JAZZ

Serbo-Bosnian drummer Srdjan Ivanovic signs his seventh album as a leader with an original instrumentation.

Perfectly integrated into the French scene since his move to France in 2014, he has selected some choice partners who help him to offer a group sound of remarkable freshness and vivacity.

On most tracks it’s the combination of Ludivine Issambourg‘s flute and Olivier Laisney‘s trumpet with Manu Codjia‘s guitar that forms the central core of this ductile, vibrant sound. The drummer-leader’s compositions are sometimes inspired by his Balkan origins, without this vein being hegemonic, as shown by the inclusion in the repertoire of a standard like “Sous le Ciel de Paris” and The Beatles’ “While my Guitar Gently Weeps“, two tracks played by the trio guitar/bass/drum.

As always, Manu Codjia‘s guitar delivers flamboyant solos, and Ludivine Issambourg‘s splendidly lively flutes are not to be outdone. As for Olivier Laisney‘s trumpet, its luminous timbre shines in the overall sound as well as in its inspired choruses.

On two tracks, Magic Malik‘s flute and on one, Christophe Panzani‘s tenor (who also produced the recording) provide a welcome complement to the sound paste, to which Yoni Zelnik‘s double bass and Ivanovic‘s drums provide effective, subtle harmonic and rhythmic support.

A fine opus from a drummer who, in addition to being an excellent instrumentalist, is also a first-rate composer and leader.

Line up :

Srdjan Ivanovic: drums, shaker, balafon

Ludivine Issambourg: flutes

Olivier Laisney: trumpet

Manu Codjia: guitar

Yoni Zelnik: double bass

Magic Malik: flute

Christophe Panzani: tenor sax

Modular under the label of the association Rue des Balkans, on February 2, 2024.

Modular is a Hit Couleurs Jazz and is in Selection on Couleurs Jazz Radio.

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