June 22nd to 26th – Festival Django Reinhardt Samois / Seine 2016

Once is not custom.

This year the annual RV, tribute to Django Reinhardt and pilgrimage in the bucolic village of Samois / Seine climbs high, far from the banks of the river Seine  who became capricious and overflowing, and installs the main stage and the famous “village des luthiers” … in the “Parc du Château de Fontainebleau”.

There was a tendency to organize Festivals “Outside the walls”, in this case it is a festival out of the water! Finally, we hope, because water comes sometimes from a not merciful sky (as in 2014). But then … we believe in it!

The blue sky will be there and will give way to the stars, the Jazz stars with a remarkable plateau, concocted this year by Sebastien Vidal.

The opening concert with the German prodigy gypsy guitar -but not only- Joscho Stephen trio, followed by Calypso Rose, then Ibrahim Maalouf … and all the first night only … invites you to take a room on site or in the region and not to leave until Sunday night late.

For play the following days:

– Noe Rene
– Cyrille Aimée
– Rosenberg trio
– Gregory Porter
– Ulf Wakenius
– Lou Tavano
– Didier Lockwood,

programmation is here

And Tickets there

and as a promise, a taste:





MFQ 12 fev

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  • geoff 3 September 2016   Reply →

    What are the dates of next year’s famous du seine?

    • Christian Grimauld 5 September 2016   Reply →

      Hi Geoff, 2017 dates for Festival Django Reinhardt are not fixed yet. But certainly as usual, at the end of June during 5 days and ending on Sunday.

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