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The Alcazar of Paris welcomes you in a tropical atmosphere to discover the Rhum Trois Rivières range, to the rhythm of a smooth music.

An epic that began in 1660, the Trois Rivières plantation was born in the south of Martinique, where the Osman, Bois d’Indes and Saint-Pierre rivers meet to throw themselves into the glittering waves of the Caribbean Sea.

Let’s start the tasting with the base of this spirit, the white rum, a reference to “plantation rums”.

©Couleurs Jazz

A little reminder for the uninitiated: the “rum of plantation” or “agricultural rum” comes from the fermentation of the juice of freshly crushed sugar canes. It differs from the “traditional rum” obtained by the fermentation of molasses, a by-product of sugar production. The Rum Agricole of Martinique is today the only rum in the world to benefit from an Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée certifying its quality and its superior requirements.

This agricultural white rum, although grading 50 degrees, is suave; It already opens the palate with a beautiful aromatic personality with marine and mineral notes.

On this basis, the distiller has upgraded a specific version: the Cuvée de l’Océan brings an iodized freshness, with a sweetness in the mouth. Simply add a touch of lemon or fruit juice to enjoy a pleasant aperitif. Discover it also with “fines de claires” oysters accompanied by a cream of balsamic orange vanilla.

This “cuvée” makes us discover the exceptional!

Let’s accompany it with a wonderful tasting of caviar Sturia; taste a delicate spoon of these sturgeon eggs, let the flavor spread in the mouth for a few seconds, then take a sip of this rum whose aromas will happily marry in your palate. The smoky taste of caviar takes on the alcohol to bring out a unique plenitude of flavors. My mouth is watering…

Let’s change style, travel in time, and open our senses to the old rums, one of the specialties of the plantation. They are assembled, refined and aged for at least three years in oak barrels, some of which have contained bourbon. Trois Rivières proposes a vertical of vintages whose refined accompaniments the emphatic ambassador details to us:

– The VSOP Réserve Spéciale on a crunch of caramelised pears and hazelnuts decorated with a gingerbread cream

– The Triple Millésime with a grilled lobster, buttered with saffron and sweet spices and yuzu

– The Single Cask and a poultry supreme with pepper confit and pomegranate caramel

– The Oman wine completes this “descent” into the depths of the barrels, with a unique and structured character of woody, fruity or spicy dominant notes.

Each tasting is appreciated with gourmet bites; the vintage notes of these old rums pleasantly reveal the originality of the flavors in the mouth.

©Couleurs Jazz

Bruno Mantovani, composer and director of the National Superior Music and Dance Conservatory of Paris, values ​​”the harmony, vivacity, balance and lyricism that characterizes Trois Rivières, the most musical rums imaginable. ”

In this regard, we suddenly had a certainty … we had to put on the turntable the first album of Hervé Celcal, a child from the land of Martinique, a gifted musician, a virtuoso pianist, a composer of modern and colorful:

Time for fun with cocktail compositions. The art of mixology is in full swing with colorful bartenders, worthy of the movie “Cocktail” for those who remember. The shakers make pirouettes, the pillaged ice tints against the stainless steel, the colors of the fresh juices burst, the ingredients make a rainbow in the original and modern glassware to offer moments of intense flavors that take us elsewhere …

This evening was also dedicated to the prize-giving of a bartender contest, where candidates had to propose cocktail arrangements to accompany recipes developed by Michelin star chef Michel Roth. Coming from London where his bar Milk & Honey offers original cocktail compositions accompanied by a harmonious jazzy playlist, Pierre-Marie Bisson is one of the six winners of this very culinary competition.


The colorful journey in the West Indies ends … on my bicycle trip in the heart of Paris where our senses escape through this sweet winter evening, still in emotion of these island flavors.


Producer in Martinique

Available in the good wine shops and trendy bars.

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