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A warm voice that strokes the ears and a piano touch that dances effortlessly around without never losing any of its expressivity: Macha Gharibian’s third album sticks to the sound universe of the pianist and singer while holding some pleasant surprises with captivating colors.

©Richard Schroeder

On this third disc, succeeding the albums “Mars” (2013) and “Trans Extended” (2016), Gharibian plays with her trio next to drummer Dré Pallemaerts and double-bass player Chris Jennings. The two guests Bert Joris on the trumpet and Artyom Minassyan on the duduk add each one their airy sound on one track.

Macha Gharibian is an accomplished artist with multiple talents. On Joy Ascension she sings and plays her own compositions as well as two covers majestically reinterpreted: the famous song “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover” from Paul Simon and the traditional Armenian song “Sari Siroun Jar”.

The artist’s biculturalism becomes perceptible throughout the whole album: Whether it is in the harmonies, the melodies or the improvisations, her Armenian or more broadly Caucasian heritage shines through her songs that play with jazz, soul, pop and folk accents. A rich and astonishing sound texture that implies often a certain melancholy, always backed by a subtle and discreet groove that comes in even more efficient.

This subtlety that strikes the auditor profoundly while always keeping its softness is unique to Gharibian. Joy Ascension invites us to dive into multiple sound landscapes: We perceive a strong and confident musician that is never afraid of revealing herself or showing her vulnerability.

This honest vulnerability makes us understand that Macha Gharibian knows exactly who she is as an artist and where she wants to go musically.

A great talent equipped with a great musical sensibility that makes us wait impatiently for the suite of this musical journey.

Macha Gharibian is playing this Wednesday 1st July and Thursday 2nd July at the”Pianissimo Vol XV” festival at the Sunset Sunside.

Header : ©Photo Richard Schroeder



Macha Gharibian, piano, voice

Chris Jennings, double bass

Dré Pallemaerts, drums


Artyom Minasyan, duduk

Bert Joris, trumpet


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