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Xavier Vayre & Alexis Lograda -1st CD “Djangolson”

By 4 September 2015June 27th, 2016No Comments

Djangolson is a beautiful debut of four young musicians who were able to bring together two quite distant universes, Benny Golsons‘s music  Art Blakey Jazz Messengers composer with Djangolsian traditonnel Manouche quartet inspiration.

Django knew how to do that very well, as his spiritual sons.

Alexis Lograda

Alexis Lograda



This album is a tribute to our colleague Yves Lucas, too soon gone, unfortunately before the release of the CD. Lets read his right words:

“Talking about famous musicians, famous and with a past, is certainly easier than talking about young unknown musicians unless they have a bright future ahead. Xavier Vayre, Alexis Lograda, Mathieu Chatelain, William Brunard Stéphane Neidhardt, Louis Huybrechts are part of those.

Xavier Vayre

Xavier Vayre

They met during Jam Sessions, listening to each other, appreciating and then deciding under Xavier and Alexis leadership to write this beautiful anthology of standardsm mostly by Benny Golson, who they met in October 2012 and who seemed very interested in this recording. Here is a tasty miscegenation of spontaneous music, melodious, full of rich and unexpected improvisations Reinhardtien charm combined with that of Benny Golson, this unrepentant bopper and sumptuous lyric composer with such a sinuous phrasing and so sparkling.

“DJANGOLSON” or the birth of a new great string quartet. “


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