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Hit Couleurs JAZZ

I didn’t have the opportunity to listen to the first record of this young German trio, so it is with the present “Wille” that I discover them and it is a very pleasant discovery.

I have on many occasions deplored the lack of interest of the French for German jazz (cf. With our Neighbors)and I hope that this is changing.

In any case, if there is something interesting to listen to on the other side of the Rhine, Vincent Meissner’s trio is clearly part of it.

The press kit informs us that pianist Michael Wollny is Meissner‘s mentor, and this is not surprising: Wollny is a great musician and he must have quickly become aware of his younger colleague’s talent.

Without copying his elder, Meissner proposes a music maturely thought out on the level of the compositions which all have an obvious freshness and density. The interplay between the three musicians is also remarkable.

One feels that they know each other well and that they all participate with enthusiasm in the collective effort. As for the solo interventions, mainly by the pianist-leader, they are of the highest order.

We are dealing with an inspired musician who has a beautiful touch and who knows how to tell a story when he takes a chorus. All in all, this trio which mixes a youthful spirit and a resplendent maturity is to be discovered at all costs, without the slightest risk of being disappointed.

Line up :

Vincent Meissner: piano, composition

Josef Seimetz: double bass

Heri Reichmann: drums

©Photo Header Jorgsteinmetz

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