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Hit Couleurs JAZZ

Paris-based Hungarian guitarist Csaba Palotaï offers a deliberately binary and atmospheric sound in this trio, where Simon Dappier’s baritone guitar takes the place of bass.

So, there’s no need to expect flamboyant six-string solos: the guitarist’s vintage sound – at times reminiscent of the Shadows – is drowned out by a thick band sound at the service of hypnotic spins supported by Steve Argüelles‘ minimalist drums, or more melodic pieces such as this astonishing cover of a medieval theme by Guillaume de Machaut.

PalotaÏ has always shown a strong attraction to rock and blues, and his association with Argüelles goes back a long way.

The trio’s own compositions, written by his two partners or by all three musicians, explore territories where jazz, Balkan music and rock/blues rub shoulders in an aesthetic that is reminiscent of the work of Bill Frisell on the other side of the Atlantic.

The occasional use of samplers and the drummer’s voice transformed by an omnichord adds a touch of electro to this opus.

This is music on the bangs of jazz-jazz, but with a charm that can only be resisted by those who expect a guitarist’s performance to be more rooted in the jazz six-string tradition.

Line up :

Csaba Palotaï: guitar, sampler

Simon Dappier: baritone guitar

Steve Argüelles: drums, vocals, omnichord


Sunako is a Hit Couleurs Jazz, Best of the Month. It was released on 8 September, 2023 by BMC Records

©photo Header Istvan Huszti.

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