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Bisamkiez has a guitar that’s at times vintage rock (sometimes reminiscent of the Shadows), at other times dreamy, and a band sound that’s often heavy, without this adjective being pejorative: on the contrary, it characterizes a sound that weighs its weight and a rhythm that’s set deep in time.

Composer of the repertoire and principal soloist, Montenegrin guitarist Ivan Marovic – who also plays the organ and keyboards – has a totally individual signature and knows how to create atmospheres that are sometimes noisy and sometimes melodic, with a clear concern for sound. Surrounded by instrumentalists, all of whom contribute to the arrangements – hence the CD being presented under a group name – he explores territories where Balkan influences can be felt from time to time, not least due to the presence of a violin and, on one track, a clarinet. 

The shadow of Bill Frisell or Marc Ribot passes through here and there, in a playful vein. In other words, the subject matter is extremely rich, and the vigor of the discourse – which in places leads the band into free-form drifts – never ceases to surprise and delight the listener.

We are thus invited on a voyage of contrasting and constantly shifting landscapes by this group, whose excellent first recording leaves us to expect lively and unexpected follow-ups.

Line up :

Ivan Marovic: guitar, organ, keyboards

Luna Kostadinovic: violin

Tin Dzaferovic: double bass

Blazo Tatar: drums

Stefan Pavicevic: clarinet

Bisamkiez is selected in the “Best of Albums”  of Couleurs Jazz Radio – December 2023

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