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Pierrick Pedron “And the” (Jazz Village)

By 26 January 2016June 5th, 2016No Comments
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Pierrick Pedron

Pierrick Pedron is a kind of musical UFO.

Each new recording causes surprise because he finds a way to embark you in his very personal universe. This one is no exception to the rule.

Unclassifiable compositions with an incredible mix of funk, pop, rock, jazz and whatnot.

The saxophonist Pierrick Pedron’s new album, which has been made in association with his fellow partner for some years Vincent Artaud, artistic director, producer and real alter ego  to Pedron is a call to the rhythms of the future.

The Alto Saxophonist  from St Brieuc (Bretagne in France) , respected and applied in the French jazz landscape went into studios in Paris and Brussels to “invent” more than offer this new adventure, because it is indeed a journey. The melodies, improvisation, sounds that came out of the two accomplices brains provoke, excite and sometimes may surprise or even shock!  Whatever …

The quality of the nine pieces played by Pedron and his cronies is of such a dimension as vertigo invades us at every moment.

This new and eighth album worth listening to, repeatedly.

It is produced by : Jazz Village 


Pierrick Pedron



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