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Philippe Gaillot @ Jazz Café Montparnasse, Paris- 2018/05/02

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To achieve “Be Cool“, Philippe Gaillot (guitars, keyboards and vocals) is surrounded by members of his group Epicurean Colony, including Gerard Couderc, saxophonist with whom he has been working for a long time, as well as prestigious guests.

In addition to Mike Stern who offers us a magnificent chorus in “Moustille“, Jacky Terrasson plays the piano in “Little Red Ribbon“, one of his compositions adapted by Philippe and performed live in the studio with Patrice Héral (percussions) and Dominique Di Piazza (bass ). Stéphane Belmondo plays the bugle in “Be Cool” which gives its name to the album. Linley Marthe makes the magic notes of his electric bass dance in “Le Bamandi Binolo“, a piece full of humor and sonic inventions. Olivier Ker Ourio‘s harmonica brings a melancholy touch to “Back from Barca“, a ballad inspired by Weather Report’s compositions, while Cuban saxophonist Irving Acao is particularly inspired by the tenor in “Just Before the Night“.

Philippe Gaillot : keyboards, guitar, voice
Philippe Panel : bass
Rémi Ploton :piano, Fender Rhodes
Julien Grégoire : drums, percussions
Gérard Couderc : saxophones, flute
Philippe Anicaux : trumpet, bugle
+ Invités surprises


Concert à 21H

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