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Paris Jazz Club present “Focus Jazz israélien” – rue des Lombards, Paris, June 26-28

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Led by artists like Avishai Cohen, Yaron Herman, Omer Avital, Israel has become one of the great scenes of international jazz. After New York and Paris, Tel-Aviv is now the 3rd largest jazz capital in the world, as the musicians’ pool is abundant, facilitated by a remarkable network of music schools.

Integrating to Jazz Arab harmonies inherited from traditional music, the Israeli scene is so open to the world and probably carries more than a musical color: a symbol of peace through music. As part of the France-Israel 2018 Season, PARIS JAZZ CLUB, the Jazz Places Network offers the public access, for the price of one entry, to the 3 clubs of the legendary rue des Lombards in the heart of Paris (Sunside, Baiser Salé, Duc des Lombards) to discover no less than 9 formations representative of the new Israeli jazz scene, talent confirmed to emerging, but also Franco-Israeli collaborations: Anat Fort, Yotam Silberstein, Sylvain Rifflet and Yonathan Avishai, Mika Hary, Guy Mintus, Amit Friedman …

Mardi 26/06/18

Duc des Lombards : Anat Fort Trio

Anat Fort – Piano ; Gary Wang – Bass ; Roland Schneider – Drums

Baiser Salé : Yotam Silberstein

Yotam Silberstein – Guitar ; Yoni Zelnik – Double Bass ; Drums – Tbc

Sunside : Yonathan Avishai & Sylvain Rifflet Duo

Yonathan Avishai – Piano ; Sylvain Rifflet – Saxophone

Mercredi 27/06/18

Duc des Lombards : Mika Hary

Mika Hary – Voice, Keyboards ; Eran Wei – Guitar, Voice ; Daniel Sapir – Bass ; Karen Teperberg – Drums, Voice

Baiser Salé : Amit Friedman Quintet

Amit Friedman – Saxophone ; Nitsan Kolko – Piano ; Gilad Abro- Double Bass ; Jonathan Reuben Rosen – Drums ; Rony Iwryn- Percussions

Sunside : Omri Mor Trio

Omri Mor – Piano ; Karim Ziad – Drums ; Michel Alibo – Bass

Jeudi 28/06/18

Duc des Lombards : Omer Avital & Yonathan Avishai Duo

Omer Avital – Double Bass ; Yonathan Avishai – Piano

Baiser Salé : Maya Belsitzman & Matan Ephra

Maya Belsitzman – Cello & Voice ; Matan Ephrat – Drums

Sunside : Guy Mintus Trio, A Home in Between

Guy Mintus – Piano & Voice ; Dan Pappalardo – Bass ; Philippe Lemm – Drums

Focus Jazz Israélien – Paris Jazz Club

Rue des Lombards, Paris, 26-28 juillet 2018

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