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Track: Mama Too Tight

CD: Mama Too Tight

Artist: Archie Shepp

Though often considered – in the sixties – as one of the most politically oriented intellectuals of the free jazz movement, Archie Shepp has always advocated and maintained a link with the popular roots of African-American music.

This tune is a good example of a marching band type song, played in a purposely relaxed and unsophisticated way, far from the shrieks and howls one might expect.

In fact Shepp’s tenor solo, towards the end of the song, is the only one that expresses anger and revolt. And indeed, it makes the band sound a bit as if it danced to keep from crying.

Please listen to it here:

… and/or all the week (February 27th to March 5th, 2023) at 06:00am & at 08:00pm (Paris time) on Couleurs Jazz Radio.

Musicians :

Archie Shepp: tenor sax, composition

Perry Robinson : clarinet

Tommy Turrentine: trumpet

Grachan  Moncur III, Roswell Rudd: trombones

Howard Johnson: tuba

Charlie Haden: bass

Beaver Harris: drums

Mama Too Tight was released by Impulse in 1966.

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