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While the album “Reload“, recorded with Dominique Mandin’s The Vintage Orchestra, highlighted the quality of Fabien Mary’s compositions and arrangements, the collection “Never Let Me Go“, produced as a quartet and released in January 2024 on Caramba Records’ For Musician Only collection, underlines his talent as a soloist.soliste.

Impeccable technique, precise positioning, phrasing free of unnecessary effects and a keen sense of improvisation enable him to express the quintessence of tastefully chosen standards.

Every note is in its right place. Nothing is left to chance. Everything comes naturally. So, far from nostalgically reproducing a glorious past, Fabien Mary nourishes tradition with the strength of his music.

Stéphane Chandelier (drums), Laurent Vernerey (double bass) and the pianist Gael Rakotondrabe about whom we’re still talking, provide exemplary support, adding to the quality of the whole.

Line Up:

Fabien Mary: trumpet

Gael Rakotondrabe : piano

Laurent Vernerey: double bass

Stéphane Chandelier: drums

Never Let Me Go was released on January 26, 2024 by the Label For Musicians Only/ Caramba Records. It is distributed by Universal Music.

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