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Avishai Ornoy at the Sunset, Paris – 2017 January 12

By 24 December 2016January 25th, 2017No Comments
Hit Couleurs JAZZ

The great flautist Avichai Ornoy, as much at ease in the classical repertoire as in Jazz, enchanted us, surprised us, seduced us, with his last album, his first Jazz album, “Sneakin ‘In”. (“Hit Couleurs Jazz”)


He quickly established himself in this new universe that demands improvisational talents and in which he shares the stage with his new playmates, other brilliant musicians of whom we have recently spoken this year, such as Brandford Marsalis, Olivier Hutamn, Eric Revis, …

A modern jazz borrowing of traditional melodies and Hard Bop. To discover illico!

Avihai Ornoy will be accompanied tonight at Sunset by:

Olivier Hutman, piano

Yoni Zelnik, Double Bass

Tony Rabeson, Drums

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