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Antonio Lizana – Vishuddha

21 November 2023
Vishuddha, the new album and Antonio Lizana, the author, saxophonist-composer and singer, defy description, so…

Jazz in Langourla – August 2023

9 November 2023
Langourla, a name well known to jazz aficionados in Brittany and beyond (!). To succeed…
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Pierre Favre-Dominique Pifarély duo/Pierre Favre quartet @ 19 rue Paul Fort, Paris 09/28/2023

9 November 2023
Pierre Favre is not a new comer. Yet his coming to Paris - and even…
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Ramona Horvath Trio – Carmen’s Karma – @ Sinside, Paris (11/18/23)

7 November 2023
Based in Paris since 2010, Ramona Horvath has evolved in two musical worlds: classical piano,…
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The Viper Club – Tain’t No Use

7 November 2023
When the great violinist Stuff Smith arrived in New York in 1936, he and trumpeter…
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Festival Jazz en Place, Dinan. 08/21-27, 2023

2 November 2023
At the end of the summer, Jazz en Place is held in Dinan and three…


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Alan Ferber Nonet – Up High, Down Low

1 November 2023
If I tell you Mannix, Shaft, Kojak, Bullitt, the Iron Man, the streets of San…
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Jean-Jacques Elangué/Tony Tixier 4 tet @ Le Bal Blomet, Paris 10/04/2023

31 October 2023
Right from the start, things get moving. No sheet music: the four guys know their…
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Pierre Boussaguet & Giovanni Mirabassi Duo

26 October 2023
When we talk about intimacy, we're talking about exchange, and that's exactly what fits the…
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Jazz in Marciac – 20/07 au 06/08/2023

25 October 2023
Is it a challenge to report on a festival like Jazz in Marciac ? Except…
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Jazz in Noyon 2023 – Les Grands Moyens

25 October 2023
Jazz in Noyon 2023 has just turned off the last of its spotlights. A great…
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Vilnius Jazz Festival – 10/12-16/2023

23 October 2023
For this 36th edition of the Vilnius Jazz Festival, Antanas Gustys, creator and artistic director…
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22 October 2023
A brass instrument we don't talk about enough, and yet! It has eclipsed sub-bassophones and…
Celia Kameni
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EJN Conference. Marseille 09/14//17/2023

22 October 2023
This year, the EJN Conference took place in Marseille at Palais du Pharo, from 14…
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Becca Stevens at the New Morning | 10/12/2023

21 October 2023
On October 12th, the audience of the New Morning was delighted to welcome the immensely…
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Samara Joy @ Jazz à La Villette 09/10/2023

7 October 2023
Concluding the Jazz Festival de La Villette, which sometimes disappoints me with its not really…
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1 October 2023
Tributes to Chet Baker have been multiplying lately, but this one by David Enhco and…
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30 September 2023
Not necessarily well known in France, Cuban pianist and composer Manuel Valera has already released…