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Couleurs Jazz (Shades of Jazz) is the first magazine designed first for IPad. It is available in French and English, published quarterly. Jazz is now a classical genre and a source of inspiration for music lovers of all types.

Our promise to readers is to remind them of jazz legends and by dedicating most of the magazine, to make them aware of emerging talents and colourful music of every continent.

We are proud to speak to a new audience who have never thought to buy musical papers or magazines before.

Couleurs Jazz takes advantage of everything that makes jazz music unique and is enhanced with the interactive technology offered by IPad.

• Smart design
• Quality Journalism for the articles, photos and videos
• Freedom swiping facilities
• Exclusive videos of live concerts
• Descriptions of musicians
• Full page portfolios
• Our own selection of albums with play / purchase facilities

Couleurs Jazz is to be read, watched and heard. We wish you a happy new experience !

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